Lehto Group

TECHNIA, the #1 knowledge leaders in PLM, proudly announce that Lehto Group, a pioneer of the Finnish construction industry, have chosen TECHNIA to be their strategic PLM partner.

 Espoo, July 19, 2019

The objective of this partnership is to combine digital tools and professional services to support Lehto Group in improving their product offering, efficiency, quality and collaboration in their business processes.

 Under the business agreement, TECHNIA will deliver a Product Lifecycle Management system to enable digital continuity between the Engineering systems of PLM, ERP and MES. The PLM solution is based on Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform – a unified PLM experience platform that provides software solutions in an easy-to-use environment – augmented by TECHNIA’s software and delivered by our Finnish consulting team.

Lehto Group is among the fastest growing construction companies in Finland. The strategic partnership with TECHNIA, leveraging the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, will enable Lehto Group to further deploy their strategic initiatives in construction business industrialisation. This partnership validates TECHNIA’s ability to realize strategic values for the construction industry based on digital technologies and services.”

Jonas Gejer, CEO TECHNIA

 “The construction industry has been seen as a traditional project business resulting to unique project planning, design, sourcing and construction operations on the site.

However, individual construction projects can be deployed based on well-defined product portfolio and business processes. The core for all business processes, such as marketing, sales, R&D, supply chain and care services, is the product portfolio. At the end, the final product is delivered to customers by the project activities that are linked to product itself.

 In Lehto Group, PLM will be the solution enabling efficient project deliveries for productisation and project management. The PLM solution links together the other business processes and their applications in R&D, product management, supply chain and care services.

This means that we can deploy further strategic initiatives in own productisation, design and pre-manufacturing, resulting in efficient assembly operations on construction sites.  We compared a range of solutions providers and chose to reshape the construction business with TECHNIA because of their willingness and solution-oriented approach.”

Arto Tolonen, CDO Lehto Group  

 For more information:

Jonas Gejer, President Addnode PLM division & CEO of TECHNIA

Phone: +46 (0) 733 772414, e-mail: [email protected]

 About Lehto

Lehto Group is a Finnish construction company that are profiting from the economically driven model for construction that they have developed. In economically driven construction, the standardisation of products, design processes and pre-manufacturing at factories are integrated so that cost benefits are achieved. The construction innovations developed by Lehto Group are based on a modular implementation method that brings about better construction quality and cost benefits. Through its modular operating model, Lehto Group is able to offer its customers a rapid and effortless process, under the turn-key principle, from design to implementation.

This is a unique promise in an industry where schedules are often delayed, and budgets exceeded. It is a promise of cost calculations and schedules that hold true. A promise of quality that exceeds the expectations of our customers.


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