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Do you use both 3DEXPERIENCE and Atlassian Jira?

If so, you’ll be glad to hear that we’ve developed an app for connecting these two systems. The app lets you collaborate seamlessly across teams and disciplines. Enable full traceability, a fluid collaboration between mechanical, electrical, and software teams throughout the entire lifecycle of your product. Whenever an update is made to an issue, the status is changed in the lifecycle. This means it can be reflected in the other system immediately, enabling you to take advantage of the full strength of 3DEXPERIENCE.

In this webinar, Mikael Forsberg and Johannes Storvik guide you through the 3DEXPERIENCE Jira Connector, exploring the user interface for each environment.

Discover how easy it can be to track:
•    Change
•    Issues
•    Tasks
•    Requirement management

Viewing time: 25 mins

Presented by
Johannes Storvik
Johannes Storvik