Improve Application Quality and Performance with Industry-leading Monitoring, Analysis and Maintenance Tools

The Value Tools portfolio provides valuable metrics for monitoring system health, issue analysis and performance tuning, and quality deployment and upgrade analysis.

Platform Intelligence

Understand your system and make proactive decisions, saving money and keeping your users happy.
Spend effort where it brings most value

Proactively detect health problems in your 3DEXPERIENCE system to guarantee availability and smooth operations.

Platform Intelligence performs a complete surveillance of your ENOVIA system, minimizing costly system stops and crashes.

How Platform Intelligence Supports Your Business


Proactively detect problems before business and user acceptance is affected.


Continuously understand the health of your system to guarantee availability and smooth operations.


Take control over the platform maintenance for better efficiency and ease of use.


Understand how the platform is used and focus effort where it brings most value.

Application Management
  • Align information (such as request log entries, database lock information, long running actions, and memory consumption) in a common place, aligned to the same time line to be able to identify problems in an efficient way and see how things correlate.
  • Analyze trends, investigate and identify anomalies
  • Take action and be proactive to identify potential problems before they are reported to the organization
  • Identify areas of improvement in performance and stability
User Intelligence
  • Analyze and understand user behaviours in the system
  • Monitor usage, with distribution by country, site, or similar
  • Support Prioritization Process to help you understand which functionalities and use cases are used, and how frequently
  • Monitor process and methods to know when new functionalities are used and by whom


Troubleshoot 3DEXPERIENCE performance and review implementations. Helping you to focus development effort where it is most effective.
Take control of your development

TECHNIA’s Profiler is a tool for developers, which can be used to track all calls being made to the ENOVIA kernel and analyze this information in order to improve the quality and performance of your code.

How Profiler Supports Your Business


Analyze all application calls to ENOVIA, from the web layer down to the database.


Monitor application and ENOVIA memory consumption.


Save your profiling session to enable later comparison and analysis.


Export functionality to MS Word format.

Bridge the Gap
  • The ENOVIA Kernel is the bridge between the “Java world” and the “native layer” of ENOVIA. It is the native layer that contains the core ENOVIA functionality and performs all calls to the back-end database.
Identify Bottlenecks
  • Use Profiler to identify possible bottlenecks early on in the development process, before the code is deployed to a production system.

Schema Tool

Save time and ensure quality of any database changes you make with the Schema Tool
Easily Manage ENOVIA Schemas

Working with schema data in ENOVIA can be tricky and your options are limited to using unsupported tools, cumbersome excel files, and other sources which are often out of sync and leave plenty of room for error.

With Schema, TECHNIA has developed a tool that handles all these issues.

How Scheme Tool Supports Your Business


Support for all ENOVIA business applications.


Easy to configure through XML or with configuration tools.


Pure Java object-oriented architecture.


Full support for ENOVIA versions 10.7 to V6R2018x.

Intuitive Features
  • Simplified upgrade process including a full schema impact analysis with a single mouse click
  • Safe, fast and easy schema management system for clear version control
  • Simplified conversion of OOTB table pages to easy to use XML based TVC configurations
Easy Operations
  • Create and manage database schemas, with the power to manage complex schema changes in an intuitive interface.
  • The Schema Tool makes life easy for the ENOVIA community, including the administrators.

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