Where can we help in your PLM process?

From concept to production - Making product creation sustainable.


Need some engineering consultancy support?

TECHNIA Engineering Centre of Excellence (ECoE) provides top tier Engineering Consultancy.
Our dedicated team of experts, spanning across 13 countries, advise and support your innovation with a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience.


Need expert support with your simulation?

TECHNIA Simulation Centre of Excellence (SCoE) provides top tier FEA, Non-linear, and Advanced Simulation Software, Training and Consultancy. Our dedicated team, of more than 30 Simulation experts across 13 countries, advise and support your innovation with a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience.


Looking for manufacturing services expertise?

Delivering a quality product first time, every time used to be the goal of a production process, now it’s a new build requirement. With high expectations, the ability to design, visualise and simulate every stage in the lifecycle of a production process is changing the way we plan and make products.

What can TECHNIA do for you?

Is Product Lifecycle Management the sustainable solution you're looking for?

Is your business new to PLM? Is your current setup not working? Do you want to understand how to get the most out of your existing products? Our PLM consultants are here to help resolve tough business challenges and realise business opportunities.

Is sustainable product creation at the heart of your business initiative?

The system support and training that we provide to our customers in areas such as Materials Compliance Management and Direct Operational Efficiency, along with the many successful PLM implementations that we have delivered, have bountiful environmental benefits.

Are you looking to start a career with the #1 PLM knowledge company?

TECHNIA provide PLM solutions for all kinds of companies and industries all over the globe. That’s why we need curious, open-minded, creative and innovative people. Sounds exciting? It is!

Cloud-powered PLM. Secure, scalable, flexible.

Putting you in control of your Cloud PLM platform:

  • SaaS
  • PaaS
  • IaaS
  • Maintenance
  • Back ups
  • Automatic upgrades
  • 24/7 Support

TECHNIA Support Future Engineers

Delft Students Hyperloop to the Future
University of Wolverhampton Racing Team

We promise to provide our customers with measurable and sustainable business improvements, to accelerate performance and transform your vision into value.